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The Alexander Technique teaches you how to move better with greater ease, enabling you to perform better in all that you do. 

What happens in a Lesson

In an Alexander lesson, we begin with a chat about why you’ve come, discussing any relevant medical history, perhaps evaluating strengths and weaknesses. You’ll be asked about what you’d like to work on, or where you’d like to improve. This could be a general idea such as how you walk or speak, or perhaps you might be looking for more confidence with what you’re currently dealing with in your life. Or, it could be something like a tight neck or a sore hip, or the headaches you’ve been having.

Together, as your teacher, we’ll work to uncover any unhelpful patterns of movement that might be getting in your way. You will learn how to introduce changes to how you do things. 

As you begin to integrate what you are learning, you’ll find yourself naturally moving with more ease, and performing better, with results filtering into other areas of your life.

With light hands on and vocal guidance, we often begin our work with common everyday movements such as sitting, walking, bending, reaching, carrying or squatting, as we begin to expand your understanding of how your body is designed to move.

The more accurate your proprioceptive awareness, the greater your facility with moving and functioning with balance, strength and ease – the way nature intended.

So in each lesson, we begin to sort of retrain the brain by intervening in the default autopilot as you bring a more conscious and mindful approach to how you move and act.

Your lesson will most likely include table work where you lie in semi-supine (i.e. on your back with knees bent and soles of feet on the table), and the teacher uses gentle touch to work with you. This part is invaluable as it aids the integration of the lesson’s work.

Over a course of lessons, the central nervous system begins to calm, and people find that their experience of pain is reduced, their mobility is enhanced, and their wellbeing improves.

Generally, lessons run for 50 to 60 minutes and students will typically have one or two lessons per week over the course of 6 to 12 months.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why are they called lessons

The Alexander Technique is essentially an educational process, a set of tools that you learn and apply to whatever you're doing in your everyday life.

While Alexander lessons may have a therapeutic effect, they are not therapy as such.

They provide rather an opportunity to learn, with the guidance of a trained Alexander teacher, about how your body is designed to function, and how to use it optimally to reduce pain, increase ease and freedom of movement, and improve your ability to perform at your best.

Who can benefit from the technique

People of all ages and occupations report great benefits from the technique, and discover rewarding improvement in areas such as  . . .

~ reduced chronic pain or discomfort
~ improvement in postural and other musculoskeletal issues
~ enhanced musicianship
~ greater progress in education and learning
~ more confidence in performing
~ increased energy, strength and muscle tone
~ a quietening of anxiety or stress-related conditions
~ enhanced quality of breathing and use of the voice
~ benefits with sports-related issues
~ improved recovery from injuries
~ more restful and restorative sleep
~ useful tools for pre and postnatal self care

What should I wear to my lesson

Wear comfortable clothing that allow for ease of movement. You will most likely be asked to take off your shoes, but otherwise you will remain fully clothed.

What should I bring to my lesson

Nothing to bring but your whole self, a curious mind, a willingness to learn, and to be open to discovering something surprising and new. This is the best way to ensure you gain the greatest benefit from your lessons.

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