Bentleigh East, VIC Australia

(SE Melbourne)

ease the tension

A Workshop for Makers

Maker: /ˈmeɪkə/
A person who makes things.

Learn how to ease the tension in your body, and mindfully make without pain.

We put time and thought into our creative projects, choosing our patterns, materials & methods carefully. 

But how many of us experience discomfort or pain with our craft – either during or after?

In this workshop, you will gain a new perspective on movement that will change how you approach your craft.

What we tend not to think much about is how we’re managing our own self while we’re making.

For example, when cutting cloth:

  • are your fingers and hands gripping the shears tight?
  • how are you standing at the table – what are your feet doing
  • what about your arms, your neck, your back?
  • are you straining your eyes, your tongue, your jaw?
  • are they clenched in concentration?

In this practical workshop, we’ll explore how you can do all the tasks of making with:

  • more ease
  • less tension
  • reduced pain
  • more joy!

Participants will be introduced to the Alexander Technique and gain an understanding of how we can bring more freedom, balance and ease to our moving posture.

You’ll learn about the important relationship of the head, neck and back.

We’ll explore the use of our senses, gravity, and spatial awareness.

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