Ease The Tension Workshop For Makers

Learn how to ease the tension in your body, and mindfully make without pain.

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We put time and thought into our creative projects, choosing our patterns, materials & methods carefully.

But how many of us experience discomfort or pain with our craft – either during or after?

In this workshop, you will gain a new perspective on movement that will change how you approach your craft.

When making, we don’t pay too much attention to what we’re doing with our bodies as we sew, knit, cut, etc.

For example, when you’re knitting…

  • are your fingers gripping a bit tighter than necessary?
  • are you straining your eyes?
  • are your teeth clenched in concentration?
  • and how are you sitting?

In this fun, practical workshop, we’ll explore how the Alexander Technique provides more freedom, balance and ease and how to apply it to the wonderful task of making.

Workshop Instructors

Helene Goldberg

Founder of Alexander Wellness
Alexander Technique Teacher
Piano Teacher

Helene has been sewing and knitting her own clothes since she was 15. Having come to the Alexander Technique herself with debilitating pain in her wrists, she now works with people to reduce pain, improve their posture, and to move with more freedom and ease.

Jenny Thirtle

Alexander Technique Teacher
Assistant Director at the School for F.M. Alexander Studies
Professional opera singer & musician

In terms of making, back in the day, Jenny would whip up a new dress each week for Saturday night out! Jenny teaches the Alexander Technique to help people, including musicians and actors, reduce pain and improve their performance since 1996.

What Our Participants Say

Shelly K.

I never realised that I tighten my armpits when I get frustrated, when I don't get the needle through the underside of the button into the hole when I'm sewing it onto a garment! I know I do the same thing when I'm on my computer, my phone, everything! and when i stop for a minute to think about what I'm doing, I can think of having more space under my armpits and then I don't tighten. Amazing!


I have a tendency to general stiffening when I'm frustrated. I'll try to remember to observe my whole self in action when I'm doing other things like working with electronics at my work.


Thank you! In the threading a needle and sewing on a button activities, I noticed my reaction to doing things with my hands, and amazed at how much easier the task became when I took a moment to wonder about how to coordinate this action. Perhaps avoiding setting up the activity of sewing on a button as being 'complex'!

Anne C.

Discovered what I do around upper arms and head during fine activity and that if I bring awareness to the relationship between fine work of the fingers and being able to keep my upper body free, and I can apply the same thinking to keyboarding or using devices, anything involving dexterity.

Penny W.

I tend to hold my breath when I'm concentrating. I really noticed my breathing in this workshop. I think I do that a lot!

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