how to

Guidelines for setting up your online lesson or class.

Find a space where you won’t be disturbed, preferably somewhere that is:

  • quiet
  • warm
  • well lit
  • obstacle-free (e.g. no computer cables or kids’ toys you could trip on)

Keep in mind that during your lesson, you could be asked to: 

  • sit at your screen so we can chat, mostly at the beginning and end of a lesson
  • lie on the floor or on your yoga mat
  • stand or walk around, a few metres away from the screen

It could be tricky to have one setup that will cover each of the above scenarios, and you may need to move your device/screen around to accommodate.

Good lighting is so important. Make sure that:

  • the main light source is in front of you, not behind you

Non-restrictive, comfortable clothing is best: 

  • garments that allow free movement when bending, extending, and getting up and down from the floor
  • lighter brighter colours work best, so avoid black or dark colours
  • avoid colours that are too similar to your background to avoid blending into it

Remember, I see EXACTLY what you see of yourself in your screen.
Ensure that you’re fully visible whether you’re up close for a chat, lying down on your yoga mat, or standing or walking around. To check: 

  • do a test run – log into Zoom and click “New Meeting” to check your onscreen visibility
  • make sure you can see ALL of you in the screen when lying down and standing up, from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. Bonus points if you can see all of you when walking around a little!
  • check your lighting
  • work out how you might adjust if necessary

Please test your sound quality:

  • can you hear from 2-3 metres away from the screen
  • earbuds are really good
  • make sure they’re fully charged
  • don’t use headphones
  • check your device’s sound system is on and the volume is turned up

Prepare the following:

  • a yoga mat if you have one
  • a chair with as firm a seat as possible
  • some paperbacks to place under your head, or a blanket

All online lessons will be conducted on the Zoom platform.

 You may receive up to 3 emails after you’ve booked an online lesson or group class:

  • a confirmation email sent immediately containing the link and login details for your online lesson or class
  • a reminder email 24 hours prior
  • an email with the login info 1 hour prior so it’s close at hand 

Well done! If you have any questions, please get in touch.

See you on Zoom!