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A bearded dragon, perfectly coordinated, with nose and eyes leading the whole body forward, upward; the hands fully opened with fingers extended in a secure grasp on the tree trunk, the oppositional forces of gravity propelling it towards its target with natural strength and ease.

Lessons are shaped by individual needs, and guided by each person’s interests. In each lesson, you will build a more anatomically accurate body map while learning to recognise habitual patterns of movement that may not be serving you so well. You will learn how to stop doing things in unhelpful ways and introduce changes to your functional use of your whole self. As you begin to integrate what you are learning, you’ll find yourself naturally moving with more ease, and performing better, with results filtering into all areas of your life.

In a Lesson

In an Alexander lesson, we observe your functional posture as you move in order to determine the underlying ideas you have about movement.

Using guiding hands and vocal instruction, we often begin our work with common everyday movements such as standing, sitting, and walking, and we begin to improve the accuracy of your body map.

Let’s consider what we know and understand about the workings of a car, for example, or a bicycle, or a laptop, the more you know about it and how it’s designed to function, the greater facility you have with using it well. The same can be applied to the use of your whole self. The more accurate your proprioceptive awareness, the greater your facility with moving and functioning with balance and ease – the way we’re designed, the way nature intended.

So in each lesson, through anatomical education and practical repetition, we are actually retraining the brain by intervening in how we’ve always responded to life as it comes at us, but on autopilot, and instead, we begin to consciously and mindfully explore new ways that promote more freedom and more ease.

Over a course of lessons, as your nervous system calms and these new ways become integrated throughout your whole self, people find that their experience of pain is reduced, their mobility is enhanced, and wellbeing improves.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why are they called lessons

The Alexander Technique is essentially an educational process, a set of tools that you learn and apply to whatever you're doing in your everyday life.

While people report experiencing improvements in their health, what happens in a lesson is neither a treatment nor a healing session, nor is it fitness training, or meditation. It is NOT a substitute for treatment of physical or mental conditions best addressed by a medical doctor or clinical therapist.

Rather, it is an opportunity to learn, with the guidance of a trained Alexander teacher, about how your body is designed to function, and how to use it optimally to reduce pain, increase ease and freedom of movement, and improve your ability to perform at your best.

Who can benefit from the technique

People of all ages and occupations enjoy great benefits from the technique and discover rewarding improvement in areas such as  . . .

~ chronic pain or discomfort
~ postural and other musculoskeletal issues
~ musicianship
~ confidence in performance
~ anxiety or stress-related conditions
~ breathing and voice
~ sports-related issues
~ recovery from injuries
~ quality of sleep
~ pregnancy-related issues

How long are the lessons

In-person lessons are usually kept to around 45 minutes, although occasionally they may go a little longer.
Online lessons run for 60 minutes.

How many lessons will I need

Start with one lesson. Afterwards, you can decide if you'd like to book another.

What should I wear to my lesson

Wear what you normally wear. If you're lesson is online, please choose light-coloured clothing so that you can be seen clearly on screen as you move.

What should I bring to my lesson

Nothing to bring but your whole self, a curious mind, a willingness to learn, and being open to discovering something surprising and new.

How can I find a teacher closer to me

All online lessons, group classes and workshops are open to students anywhere in Australia. International students are also welcome, provided the time difference is manageable.

If you wish to book an in-person lesson, but cannot get to Bentleigh East VIC, you can search for an Alexander Teacher nearer you in Melbourne or elsewhere in Australia by visiting the AUSTAT website and clicking on the “Find A Teacher” search tool.

For those not in Australia, search for a teacher in other countries by visiting The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique website.

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