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Whatever your age, this is the perfect time to learn to play one of the most beautiful musical instruments in the world – the piano. Music expresses where words fail, and I can’t think of anything better to do in today’s world than to give yourself the gift of playing music to lift the spirit, warm the heart and keep the mind engaged.

what to expect

For Young People

The very best time to start learning the piano is as a young person, and I take students from the age of 5 or 6. The young mind is eager and learns quickly. Young fingers are nimble and navigate the keyboard with ease. The benefits of learning this new language of music builds elasticity and creativity, and the rewards spill over into so many different parts of their growth and development.

Learning good postural habits when playing begins right from the get-go so that your young person can go on to enjoy a lifetime of playing. So, first lessons include getting to know the keyboard, but also how to sit at the piano, and how to take their hands to the piano to play. Most young people learn quickly and integrate these good habits easily. This attention to the use of the budding musician’s whole self as they play continues throughout the course of their lessons, aiding their ability to produce a beautiful tone and sound.

Within a few short weeks, your young person will be playing simple, beautiful musical pieces, and will progress through the curriculum to develop a well-rounded classical repertoire.

At regular intervals throughout the year, I arrange a little concert where each student performs for their peers. This builds their confidence and gives them the opportunity to experience the enjoyment of sharing music with others.

Preparing for and sitting the AMEB (Australian Music Examinations Board) exams is available.

My primary concern is with instilling in the young person a deep love of playing and confidence in themselves, knowing that they are developing a skill which will give such huge rewards now and throughout the course of their lives.

For Adults

If you are new to piano lessons, you’re in for a treat! Learning to play the piano is something that almost anyone can do, and to make your experience worthwhile, here are some things to know.

Most of the above information for young people also applies to my adult students.

You will learn to replace any long-held habitual patterns of use that might be getting in your way with a better coordinated use of yourself so that you play with more freedom and ease, greater confidence, and more of that fabulous satisfaction and joy.


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