What They're Saying

I never realised that I tighten my armpits when I get frustrated, when I don't get the needle through the underside of the button into the hole when I'm sewing it onto a garment! I know I do the same thing when I'm on my computer, my phone, everything! and when I stop for a minute to think about what I'm doing, I can think of having more space under my armpits and then I don't tighten. Amazing!

Shelly K.

~ Ease the Tension Workshop For Makers

I have a tendency to general stiffening when I'm frustrated. I'll try to remember to observe my whole self in action when I'm doing other things like working with electronics at my work.


~ Ease the Tension Workshop For Makers

Thank you! In the threading a needle and sewing on a button activities, I noticed my reaction to doing things with my hands, and amazed at how much easier the task became when I took a moment to wonder about how to coordinate this action. Perhaps avoiding setting up the activity of sewing on a button as being 'complex'!

Jane F.

~ Ease the Tension Workshop For Makers

Discovered what I do around upper arms and head during fine activity and that if I bring awareness to the relationship between fine work of the fingers and being able to keep my upper body free, and I can apply the same thinking to keyboarding or using devices, anything involving dexterity.

Anne C.

~ Ease the Tension Workshop For Makers

I tend to hold my breath when I'm concentrating. I really noticed my breathing in this workshop. I think I do that a lot!

Penny W.

~ Ease the Tension Workshop For Makers

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