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Coronavirus COVID-19

Given the hands-on nature of Alexander in-person work and the current physical distancing requirements, all individual lessons and group classes are being conducted online through the Zoom platform.

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Photo Credit : Ian Parker /Unsplash.com

The nose (or in this case, the beak) leads, and the whole body follows in a fully coordinated movement as the head turns in the direction of the whatever has caught its attention. The entire length of this magnificent bird, so beautifully balanced and poised, extends forwards and up from under its feet all the way up the back of the legs, the back of the torso and up to the top of the head.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons :

  • $70 for 45-minute lesson (either in-person or online)

Special Packs :

  • Pack of 5 Private Lessons
    • $325 (ie. $65 per lesson, either online or in-person)
    • must be used within 45 days
  • Pack of 10 Private Lessons
    • $600 (ie. $60 per lesson, either online or in-person)
    • must be used within 90 days

Immersion Pack :

  • 30 lesson course (*contact Helene prior to booking to discuss)
    • 30 x 45 min lessons
    • $1,800 ie. $60 per lesson
    • 5 daily lessons each week (ie. Monday to Friday and excl. weekends)
    • to be completed over the course of 6 weeks
    • skipped days will be forfeited
Group Classes

Group Classes

  • Weekly group class $20
    1 x 60min. class per week, same day and time

Special Packs :

  • 5 class pack
    • 5 group classes
    • $90 ie. 10% discount
  • 10 class pack
    • 10 group classes
    • $170 ie. 15% discount
Payment Options

Payment by credit card can be made for all lessons, group classes, and workshops through our secure booking system.

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