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A Workshop for Makers

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Maker: /ˈmeɪkə/
A person who makes things.

Ease the Tension Workshop for Makers


Due to the current lockdown in Melbourne, we’ve had to postpone this workshop.

New dates will be published as soon as we have them.

Be well and stay safe.

We put time and thought into each creative project. We choose our materials and methods carefully and ensure we have the right tools at hand. 

But how many of us makers experience discomfort or pain with our craft, whether before, during or after?

Regardless of your preferred craft, whether you work with cloth, yarn, clay, hide or paper, we don’t tend to give much thought to how we’re going to work with ourselves throughout the process of making. 

For example, when cutting cloth, are your fingers and hands gripping the shears tight? How are you standing at the table, what are your feet doing, your arms, your neck, your back? And what about your eyes, your mouth, your jaw?

In this practical workshop, we’ll explore alternative means by which you can accomplish your making tasks – with more ease, less tension, reduced pain, and more joy.

Participants will be introduced to the Alexander Technique and gain an understanding of how we can bring more freedom, balance and ease to our moving posture. You’ll learn about the important role your neck and back plays in everything you do, and we’ll explore the use of our senses, gravity, and spatial awareness. 

You will leave the workshop with a new perspective on movement that will change how you approach the activity of making, bringing more balance and ease, reducing the experience of pain, and enhancing productivity, performance, and enjoyment in everything you do each day.

Course Information
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