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balance and ease.

A re-education of responses :
The Alexander Technique

“You translate everything, whether physical, mental or spiritual into muscular tension.”

F.M. Alexander, Aphorisms

The Alexander Technique is about movement – moving well with greater ease and less pain. It’s a process of re-education – distinguishing patterns of movement that limit performance and re-discovering a more natural, inherent ease.

With new knowledge comes a new kinaesthetic awareness, improving balance and coordination, giving us choices, enhancing wellbeing and performance.

your way out of pain
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Learn how to bring more . . .


. . . to all that you do.

living with pain

In a 2013 Fact Sheet, the Australian Pain Society reported that

One in five Australians lives with chronic pain.

People dealing with musculoskeletal pain often find their way to an Alexander teacher and get very favourable results in alleviating muscle stiffness and improving postural habits.

Not a therapeutic treatment, nor a physical fitness training, nor a meditative practice, the Alexander Technique is a skill that enhances your ability to function in all areas of your life.

When mind and body work together as one fully-integrated organism, functioning unhindered as nature intended, wellbeing naturally improves.

what is this for

Whatever you do in life, whether you’re a musician, performer, athlete, surgeon, presenter, someone who loves gardening, or knitting, or if you spend hours in the car or on your mobile phone, or you sit at a computer all day – a course of Alexander lessons will give you the tools to recognise and replace poor patterns of use with ergonomically better choices for improved mobility.

People across all age groups engaging in a wide variety of activities can benefit from the technique. Here are some of the areas in which people experience improvement:

Muscle Tension
Breathing & Voice Issues
Anxiety and
Stress-related Concerns

Back, Neck & Joint Pain
Poor Posture
Post-injury Recovery

Pre & Postnatal
Sleeping Problems
Chronic Pain

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Gita G.

Disability Carer, Jewish Care

Embark on a journey of discovery. It could be one of the most rewarding things you've ever done for yourself.

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