Learn to move with more ease, greater efficiency, and improved performance!

The Alexander Technique

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Balance is so important! How's yours? Join a group class, or book a private lesson.

in balance

Be more connected
Live more harmoniously

Imagine if you moved through your day with grace, ease, and poise!

poise & ease
in all you do

Be more effective
Accomplish more

Discover the freedom, vitality, and joy that learning this simple technique can give you!

freedom &
peace of mind

Be more present
Experience more joy

What is the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is recognised as one of the most effective ways of changing persistent habits that cause unnecessary tension in everything you do.

Endorsed by well-known musicians, actors, and sportspeople around the world, it teaches a skill for improving well-being and performance in everyday activities.

What if walking could be as gentle on you as a breeze?
Being present, mindful and aware of how you move and think

How Does the Alexander Technique Work?

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