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Be curious, be mindful in the use of your whole psychophysical self, and expand your awareness to perform at your best – in all that you do.

The Alexander Technique

Where could you use more freedom, balance and ease?

Did you know there’s a simple technique you can learn that can address your personal concerns about your health and wellbeing?

What if you could apply it to everything you do in your everyday life? 

Let's Talk About Pain

Persistent or recurring pain is a common and complex condition known as chronic pain. It affects 1 in 5 Australians aged 45 and over.*

Back pain, neck pain, or pain elsewhere can considerably affect your quality of life, your performance at work or play, or even your income.

The Alexander Technique offers significant, long-term benefits to the problem of pain associated with repetitive motion activities, poor postural habits, and musculoskeletal issues such as osteoarthritis.

Changing how you think about movement and improving how you function will enable you to perform better in everything you do.

*The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW)

Dealing With Stress

You translate everything, whether physical, mental or spiritual, into muscular tension.

F.M. Alexander

Recent studies show that the past two years have seen Australians experiencing higher levels of psychological distress and loneliness.*

Learning to calm the central nervous system, improve your breathing, and release undue physical tension can help you navigate through challenging times with more ease and clarity.

*Australian Bureau of Statistics, “First insights from the National Study of Mental Health and Wellbeing“, 2020-21

Are You a Musician?

Musicians run a high risk of developing painful repetitive motion conditions such as repetitive strain syndrome (RSI), carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis and bursitis.

A study* into the prevalence of long-term or recurring pain in orchestra musicians showed that more than 66% reported chronic pain in the back, shoulders, neck, hands and wrists, with over 27% suffering from pain with a high degree of impairment.

The Alexander Technique makes excellent inroads in this area. By uncovering postural misuse as you practise and perform, you can change how you play and significantly reduce or eliminate pain-inducing tension and play with greater ease, more confidence, and improved tone.

*GMS German Medical Science, “The prevalence of chronic pain in orchestra musicians“, 2017

A Tailored Approach

The Alexander Technique is an educational process applicable to a broad range of mind/body concerns that teaches you how to:

  • recognize your reactive, habitual limitations in movement and thinking
  • stop the automatic habit before it happens
  • mindfully make better choices to function with greater freedom, balance and ease

We Specialise in the Following

What to expect - The Process


First, we'll chat to find out what you are looking for and to see if we can help you

First Private

Your first session is an evaluation where you can learn more about what we do

course of lessons

We recommend a minimum of 10-30 lessons to see real sustainable change

Private Lessons

For example, musicianship, pregnancy, injury recovery, presentations etc.

The Alexander Technique will benefit anyone whether they are an elite athlete or whether they just wish to live life without the aches and pains that many people suffer and accept as part of life. It is a pity that these techniques are not shown to us all at an early age for I have no doubt that this would alleviate many of the causes of ill health in our communities.

Greg Chappell
Australian test cricketer (1970-1984)
Captain, Australian Cricket Team (1975-1976)

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