Helene Goldberg

Certified Alexander Technique Teacher

  • Adv. Diploma of Alexander Technique Teaching
  • Teaching Member of The Australian Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (AuSTAT) Inc.
  • World Teaching Member of The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT) U.K.

I believe that many of us share a common goal – to have a mind and body that functions with optimal tone, balance and ease to give us the greatest possibility of living well.

What I love about teaching people this transformative Technique is that it offers such great rewards towards the fulfilment of that goal.

  • Graduated from the School of F.M. Alexander Studies in Fitzroy North with David Moore (Director) and Jenny Thirtle (Assistant Director)
  • Over 20 years experience leading seminars with an international personal and professional growth, training and development company
  • Taught from childhood through to her teens by world-renowned concert pianist Jascha Spivakovsky, and more recently by his son, Michael Spivakovsky

Continuing Professional Development

Understanding MS (Multiple Sclerosis), Menzies Institute for Medical Research & the Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre, Univ. of TAS

Advanced Online Teacher Training, with Penelope Easten
Online Teacher Training, with Penelope Easten

Breath of Life and Movement, 3-Day Workshop with Pamela Blanc, Senior Teacher of Jessica Wolf’s ‘Art of Breathing’