About Alexander Wellness

Helene Goldberg is a pianist and a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique.

After her successful personal experience with the transformative Alexander Technique in quietening the debilitating pain in her arm that had plagued her for years, she went on to complete a four-year intensive Advanced Diploma teacher training course at the School for F.M. Alexander Studies.

She established Alexander Wellness in Bentleigh East, Victoria, in 2020, where she maintains a private Alexander practice. She also runs Alexander workshops in larger venues and offers online private lessons and small group classes.

“Question everything”, Albert Einstein famously said.
Be curious. Bring a beginner's mind.
Surprising new possibilities arise.

Helene offers general Alexander lessons suitable for everyone, and has particular interest in working with musicians (particularly on piano), RSI, chronic neck and back pain, and postural re-education.

Trained as a child into her teens by renowned concert pianist Jascha Spivakovsky, Helene continued playing the piano while working and raising her family.

Later, she began to suffer from chronic pain in her arms and hands, and when it got so bad that she couldn’t prepare to audition for the B.Mus. she wanted to do, she was devastated.

While exploring treatment options, she came across the Alexander Technique and through a course of lessons, she was overjoyed to rediscover the ability to play without pain.

To her, the technique is revolutionary, an opportunity to alter the way you function and re-educate how you think – about yourself, your life, how you move, and what’s possible.

She now teaches musicians to play with less tension and strain and to improve their musical expression and tone for a more vibrant and inspired performance. 

Also a keen dressmaker, Helene designed a one-day workshop to address the pain and discomfort that can be problematic for the crafting community, and teaches participants how to mindfully make without pain.

Helene holds an Advanced Diploma in Alexander Technique Teaching and is a Certified Alexander Technique Teacher. She is a Teaching Member of the following professional societies:

  • The Australian Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (AUSTAT)
  • The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT, UK)
  • Alexander Technique International (USA)

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