Alexander Technique

Private Lessons

Individual Alexander Technique lessons for new students and those continuing their Alexander journey.

What Happens In An Alexander Technique Lesson

The first thing that happens in an Alexander Technique lesson is a conversation. We’ll talk about how you are, and what you are dealing with. There may be something you would like to work on in the lesson. 

In your first lesson, we will discuss some of your answers to the questions you filled out when you booked online.

If this is not your first lesson, we might talk about how things have gone for you since the previous lesson, what observations you’ve made, and what questions you have.

Wear comfortable clothing that allow for a full range of movement. You will remain fully clothed throughout your lesson, although you may be invited to remove your shoes.

Each lesson reveals a new discovery through the five principles of the Alexander Technique:

  • the recognition of habit
  • inhibition and non-doing
  • the recognition of faulty sensory awareness
  • giving directions
  • primary control
Musicians must take care of their 'primary' instrument - their self - to improve their performance as well as their wellbeing

Fundamentally, the technique is a simple skill that teaches how to move with greater freedom, ease, and efficiency. Why is that important? So that you can perform at your very best, from the simplest activity… to the most grand.

Through gentle hands-on guidance and verbal instruction, we work with simple movements you probably do many times throughout your day. As you become aware of your habitual patterns of tension, you learn how to interrupt their automaticity.

Your concept of movement begins to change. You learn to direct your self in a more proficient way with better coordination, greater efficiency, and improved balance.

Over the course of several lesson, pain diminishes, performance and range of motion improves, and you experience a greater sense of well-being.

You discover that you can apply these principles of movement and awareness to all aspects of your life, from work to sports to everyday activities.

People often want to know how many lessons they will need, or how many they should have.

I recommend that you commit to 10 weekly lessons. At around lesson 8 or 9, we’ll check in to see how you’re doing, and take it from there. Many individuals continue their Alexander Technique lessons over the years because, as life evolves, so do we. With each passing moment, there’s a fresh opportunity for discovery and growth, offering a continuous journey towards deeper self-awareness and empowerment.

Single Lesson

45 minutes  |  Adult: $85/Concession: $65

Shared Lesson

60 minutes  |  Adult: $110/Concession: $90


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