Alexander Technique



Discover how this mindful skill can improve your experience of yourself and of your life.


Workshop Date:
Saturday, 1 June, 2024 

Time: 9:30 am till 1:00pm

Price: $80.00

Venue: Helene’s house in Bentleigh East, VIC

About the Workshop

In this workshop, you will be introduced to the gentle and effective Alexander Technique and explore how it can be beneficial for issues associated with hypermobility:

  • Improve body awareness and proprioception
  • Enhance postural control and stability
  • Develop balanced muscle tone and support
  • Prevent strain and injury through mindful movement
  • Integrate movement habits conducive to joint health
  • Support neurodiversity through mindfulness and calm focus
  • Empower self-care and self-management of symptoms

Join us for a morning of learning, discovery, and ease!

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