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alexander workshops

Our workshops give you a taste of the Alexander Technique – a sense of what it is, and how it works. You’ll come away having learned something valuable that you can take into many areas of your life, especially where you’d like more ease and balance.

Perfect for beginners and for those who already have experienced the Alexander Technique, these workshops have been specially tailored to offer a variety of approaches. Pick the one that sounds most interesting to you right now.

alexander technique workshop
what's on

ease the
for makers

Fabric, check. Pattern, check.
Machine threaded and ready, check. But then…
Sore hands, sore shoulders, sore neck, sore back! 
Making shouldn’t include discomfort & pain.

Learn how to ease the tension in your body, and mindfully make without pain.

& ease
in the kitchen

Chop, chop, chop. Ouch! My wrist! 
Whisk, whisk, whisk. Oww! My shoulder! 
Knead, knead, knead. Ooooh! My back! 
Plain or fancy, meal prep shouldn’t bring on pain.

Learn to move with poise and ease as you prepare, cook and clean up in the kitchen. 

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